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You can email or, , just by clicking on the address.


We discovered this site which provides a useful service should you want to phone Greece (or any other country). They list the numbers to call for the cheap rates to other countries, the cheapest number is at the top of the list. Just click the logo to visit their site, this will take you to the page for Greece, you can navigate from there to any other country if you wish.

Please check carefully that the rate is better than that provided by your current telephone service!

Internet Phone

Another possibility is to use Skype.

It requires you to use your computer together with a headset that has a microphone attached, or you can buy a custom phone handset to use with your computer. You then make your telephone call over the internet, either direct to another Skype user just paying for your internet connection, or for a small extra charge you can call any land line throughout the world. Please see their web site for full details and list of charges.